A professional photo session is an idea, style, technique, professional photographic equipment and retouching, which will emphasize the qualities of a person.
Are you curious how it all will look like, what the photographer does, when the make-up artist steps in and what you should prepare yourself for?
Feel invited for a short guide to the session.

A professional photo session is a multi-step process. It includes 5 steps:

Step I: Meeting or telephone conversation.

In this part, the details of the session, the type and the specific purpose are discussed along with the establishment of the concept. Choosing a convenient date, discussing the terms of the contract we need to sign to provide photographic services and determine the cost of the project.
Depending on the location, professional make-up, selection of additional accessories needed for the session, the cost of the session may change.


Step II: How to select a concept for a photo shoot?

At this stage, the client should have a defined strategy for their personal brand. Knowing how you want your clients to perceive you requires careful consideration. In this matter, of course, you can count on my help. I will work out the concept of the photos and offer my ideas, and together we will determine what will fit the climate of the photos.



Step III: The process of the photo shoot

The photo session itself normally takes about 2 hours and is a relatively short and usually the most enjoyable and creative stage of the whole process. During the shoot, the photographed person is kept informed about the progress of the session. I help with taking the appropriate position, which is the most beneficial for achieving the intended goal. Sometimes, in the case of mutual cooperation between the model and the photographer, as well as external conditions such as the weather, there are very interesting spontaneous corrections in the scenario.


Step IV: Postproduction

During the session hundreds of photos are created, however after the selection their number is significantly reduced and only the best ones are chosen, which will additionally undergo graphic processing. The client receives a preview of the virtual photo gallery, where he or she can make the evaluation and selection. After careful processing of selected photographs in an advanced graphic editor, the client receives the ordered photographs in JPG digital format. There is a possibility to order additional paid pictures.


Step V: Providing Photographs to the Client!

This is the last and the most awaited moment. Ready, JPG-formatted photos are made available online for the client to download. The photos are labeled by me with the appropriate format and size, so you can easily choose which photos are for social media and which are for print. Just download your photos and you can share them with your loved ones or use them at work.