Hi, everybody. Last Saturday I finally got around to doing a project which I’d been dreaming of for months. To make it happen I went to Amsterdam. To my surprise the streets were not swarming with people. No wonder, pandemic did its black magic keeping people cooped up in their apartments. Anyway, the purpose of my visit was a photographic project. It was about taking pictures of as many strangers as possible. The project was very well perceived by the people I met and gave me a lot of joy. The whole thing was recorded on camera by Kuba, who is highly supportive of my ideas. Thank you to everyone who agreed to take the pictures and to Kuba for helping me with the project. Here is a short video from this project. You are also welcome to visit my website where you can find more pictures and see what I offer.

 Please see the results of my project

Here is what we’ve got at the end


     Despite pandemic and the impact it had on people all over the world, it warms my heart to see that people are not crushed by COVID-19 and still smile a lot. The project has given me lots of joy, positive energy and hope that everything is going to be fine